Working with us

At the Colian Group we believe that our employees represent the greatest value and most important asset of our organization. It is through the competence, commitment and independence of our employees that we are able to grow rapidly and achieve market success.

We wish to promote a friendly and open working atmosphere for professionals who will carry out their duties with passion and commitment. We use processes and follow procedures that help us systematize and streamline our work methods while using best practices. We can also create and implement our own ideas and solutions and as a result have a real impact on the functioning of our organization. We believe that nothing is impossible and this way of thinking helps us ensure our continuous development and encourage creative thinking.

Daily professional challenges and interesting business cases help us develop our expertise and provide us with opportunities to gain valuable experience. We have a clear organizational culture which is reflected in our competency model covering all employees of the company.

Regardless of the role that we perform in our organization, our attitude must be based on the following principles:

Identification with the company - knowledge and fulfilment of corporate objectives, loyalty, developing a positive corporate image, actions that are consistent with our principles, values and standards.

Commitment and initiative – a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility for any tasks and duties assigned to us. Initiative, proposing and taking action.

Teamwork – ability and willingness to work together to perform tasks and solve problems. Creating favourable conditions for cooperation and exchange of knowledge, experience and information. Ability to serve a variety of team roles and effectively work together.

Development – acquiring skills that reflect changing needs and requirements. Acquiring knowledge and learning by doing things. Sharing knowledge and learning from the experiences of others.

Open communication – ensuring that the flow of information within the organization adequately reflects its needs and situation. Conveying messages in a manner appropriate to their recipients to ensure their proper understanding.

Customer relations – building positive relationships with internal and external customers. Addressing their needs and expectations. Achieving goals that are desirable for both the customer and the company.