Colian Group


We offer to consumers well-known, trusted Polish products made within our three divisions of confectionery, culinary products and beverages. Our priority is to make products that will be greatly enjoyed by our customers. We focus on strong brands with best quality products. We provide moments of sweet pleasure and delight to the entire family with products suitable for any occasion. We are close to our customers. We are with them in the most important moments of their lives. We bring them joy with our products, in which each generation will find something special.

Our customers are the reason why we continually develop our company, boldly looking into the future and introducing pioneering solutions. We understand what things are important to our customers, because we constantly listen to their needs. We use modern technologies and confidently compete with global corporations.

We care about our employees and take action to improve their skills and foster their professional development. We also care about B2B partnerships encouraging openness and business relationships based on mutual benefits and business ethics.

Our work philosophy and approach to customers can be summarised in one sentence:

Everything we do is because we think of You!