Colian Group


Quality Policy

To meet the high demands of our customers and to ensure that our products are safe to eat we have implemented a quality system based on the following international standards

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management System
  • HACCP food safety system
  • International Food Standard (IFS)
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard
  • Certificates of Conformity (for Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian markets)

The effectiveness of this system is assessed by internal and external auditors. Our compliance with the above requirements is certified with certificates issued by Bureau Veritas Certification, an independent, recognized certification body. Additional systems used to promote quality include Information Security Management and Food Protection.

All employees undergo training on a wide range of issues related to quality and food safety awareness. We conduct Good Manufacturing Practice audits. Our production lines and products undergo hazard analysis tests and critical control points are determined as part of the HACCP system. Our suppliers of materials and packaging are carefully selected. Our technological processes, materials and packaging are supervised and monitored and our products are coded during manufacture for traceability purposes. All our facilities are equipped with microbiological laboratories where we monitor production areas, materials and finished products for microbiological cleanliness to make sure that our products are safe. Our company's business processes are managed with the support of the SAP computer system.

Environmental Policy

We meet all environmental protection regulations and follow the principles of sustainable development. We use modern technology to limit the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. We take steps to reduce the amount of waste generated and run selective waste collection programmes.  We use waste water separators and grease separators with confectionery shortening storage tanks to prevent harmful fatty substances from getting into the soil.