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Colian Holding has purchased the British provider of chocolate products


On April 27th Colian Holding closed its acquisition of 100% shares of Elizabeth Shaw Limited, a manufacturer of deluxe chocolate products under the brand names: Elizabeth Shaw with tradition reaching back to 1881 and Famous Names. This is an important step on the path of the company's development on international markets.

By purchasing Elizabeth Shaw Limited Colian Holding SA has taken control of its subsidiary company operating under the business name Famous Names Limited. The shares were sold by Imagine Capital AS fund with its registered seat in Norway.

The investment perfectly corresponds with the Group's adopted strategy of development by acquisition of strong brands. Colian possesses a portfolio of top-quality, perfectly recognisable products in all segments of the sweets market. Acquisition of the valued chocolate products brand will let us supplement our offer on the British market, where we were offering mostly products belonging to the segment of wafers and biscuits – said Jan Kolański, President of the Management Board of Colian Holding SA.

The combination of the British company possessing the historic brand and Colian's broad product portfolio is going to bring about measurable sales results.