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Since the market début of the Akuku! brand in 2004 its products have been setting new trends and becoming favourites among young consumers. Children love the flavours, colours, fun and joy that they bring into their lives. The secret of their success is uniqueness. It was the first market brand to include wine gums with fillings. In 2012 Akuku! was the first brand to include wine gums with changing flavours where two different flavours are combined to form a third fruity flavour.

Akuku! constantly strives to combat monotony and sameness by introducing an element of surprise and fun. That which is ordinary and predictable goes against the nature of Akuku!. To meet the expectations of children Akuku! includes a range of sweets that allow them to experiment and provide interesting experiences and inspiration.

Akuku! branded products are associated with surprising fillings and shapes and extraordinary sensations. With small funny bears, rosettes, hearts and jigsaw pieces children will be hard pressed to find a moment of boredom. They are a guarantee of fun with flavour and colour. The products on offer include wine gums filled with fruit juice and flavour changing wine gums. All of them are made without artificial colours and are available in modern, colourful packaging that will attract the attention of young consumers. Akuku! - fun, delicious taste and never ending surprises!