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Familijne is one of the most famous Polish brands, which for years has maintained its position as a leader in the category of family wafer biscuits. The crispy wafers and delicious biscuits sold under this brand enjoy undiminished popularity among consumers.

They are the perfect snacks to have when spending time with family and friends. They add a unique character to family meetings. When added as an ingredient to a family get-together they lead to family games and jokes drawing the family closer together and bringing them the joy of being together. The wide assortment range of Familijne wafers and biscuits means that you can endlessly enjoy their flavours and recall the most beautiful memories of happy moments.

The Familijne brand has always something special for you and your family! You can choose from delicate biscuits with the traditional flavour of homemade biscuits, crispy wafer biscuits layered with delicious cream and the only waffle-like wafer biscuits on the market that combine maximum crumbliness with the lightness of mousse. All products are sold in modern, family packages.

Familijne - Packed with fun for everyone!