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Goplana is one of Poland's oldest brands of chocolate products. Founded over 100 years ago by the brothers Janusz and Wieslaw Wilkoński, the brand has been always popular with customers. Numerous awards are proof that our brand products are liked and trusted.

Goplana is an invitation to a world of sweet alchemy where classical forms and flavours are combined and new faces of chocolate can be discovered. Goplana emphasizes the most magical aspects of chocolate. Goplana will fascinate you with its femininity and elegance and captivate you with its flavour and atmosphere of mystery. True to the message of its brand slogan Treat yourself to a sweet treat! Goplana encourages you to take an optimistic approach to life. In a miraculous way it will alter moods and transport you to an amazing world. It will intrigue you with interesting flavour combinations always providing a source of sweet pleasure. Goplana is full of chocolaty vigour!

This amazing range of products includes velvet bars of plain and milk chocolate with fillings or added ingredients, fluffy milk soufflé, modern type pralines and refreshing and fruity sweets including gluten-free products.

The highest quality of ingredients, unique taste and modern packaging are characteristic features of the wide assortment range of products sold under this brand.