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For over 20 years Hellena has been bringing refreshing drinks into the everyday lives of Polish consumers offering the highest quality carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks.

This iconic orangeade brand is known by all of you! The brand also gained industry recognition as evidenced by its numerous awards.

Hellena combines tradition and modernity, high quality and competitive prices, nostalgia for the carefree times of youth and the joy of moments shared with family and friends. It creates a sense of unity and its drinks are a source of energy, fun and natural refreshment. As a brand with a rich history behind it it is both fashionable and attractive for younger consumers.

Hellena connects generations! Its wide assortment range includes something for everyone, fruity sparkling drinks in your favourite flavours if you like fizzy drinks, Oranżada Fit for those who watch their waistline, Oranżada YOO!, which is full of vitamins for school-age children and non-carbonated drinks without preservatives and the richest palette of flavours on the market as an ideal choice for meetings with family and friends!