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Jeżyki is one of the most recognized and popular brands on the confectionery market. Jeżyki is a range of unique biscuits with original shapes bristling with spikes that conceal a wealth of ingredients. Available in many different flavours and coated with Goplana milk or dark chocolate, for years now they have been liked by those with a fondness for sweets and enjoying recognition from the food industry.

The secret of Jeżyki lies in their recipe full of fruit and dried nuts. Jeżyki combine a crispy biscuit, flowing caramel, nuts and dried fruit and enticing extras. A feast for the senses with intense pleasure coming from an explosion of flavours and the richness of their combinations. You won't be able to resist them!

The brand offers a wide range of flavours in two types of chocolate.  Jeżyki Classic, Jeżyki Kokos, Jeżyki Cafe, Jeżyki Advocat and Jeżyki Cherry are the best choices for lovers of milk chocolate. Lovers of more sophisticated flavours will be tempted by the brand's line of dark chocolate biscuits including Jeżyki Dark Cocoa and Jeżyki Dark Cherry. The assortment range is complemented with impulse purchase product versions offered in 30-gram packs, so that you can have your favourite Jeżyki Classic, Kokos always with you.